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EDR Series

(75W ~ 150W)​

(75W ~ 480W)​

NDR Series

AC/DC Metal Case

1 φ Economic​

HDR Series

(15W ~ 150W)​

(10W ~ 100W)​

MDR Series

AC/DC Plastic Case

1 φ Economic​

AC/DC Metal Case

1 φ ~ 3φ High Performance​

DC/DC Converter

Plastic /Metal Case


SDR Series

(75W ~ 960W)​

(60W ~ 480W)​

WDR Series

(240W ~ 960W)​

TDR Series

DDR Series

(15W ~ 60W)​

(120W ~ 240W)​

DDR Series

(Solar PV)​

DDRH Series

ICL Series

(Inrush Current Limiter)​


DRDN Series

(Buffer Module)​

DBUF Series


DR-UPS Series

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